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The Best Quotes From Baton Rouge


Setting up shop right down on the bayou, American Idol was looking for the best of the best in Baton Rouge, Louisiana! Our judges, as always, were on hand to share some of their insight.

Here's a recap of the most memorable quotes from tonight's episode of American Idol:

I think it's unique that you are a singing doctor. I really liked you a lot. (Mariah Carey to Calvin Peters)

You're a natural. This goes to show you that no matter what's going on...crutches, leg can sing; you can sing. (Randy Jackson to Megan Miller)

You could turn an atheist. (Keith Urban to Burnell Taylor)

Burnell made me cry. (Mariah Carey to Burnell Taylor)

That is what we came here for. I feel like we been flying all around this country for that. (Nicki Minaj to Burnell Taylor)

You're kind of like this seemingly dark, strange, but cool guy. (Randy Jackson to Charlie Askew)

Ok Mush, if you would let me run my hand through your hair, I feel like you will be blessed forever. (Nicki Minaj to Chris "Mushroom" Barthel)

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