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The Best Judges' Quotes of The Top 4 Performance Night - Round Two


After an #idolsurprise that saw all four ladies saved from elimination, the Top 4 performed again live for America's votes. The Top 4 realizes that judges won't be able to save them from elimination this moment forward, so every performance has to count!

Here are the best judges quotes to the Top 4 Perform (Again) Night!

"You should let your spirit just go with the melody." (Keith Urban to Angie Miller)

"That was not stellar and it needs to be stellar at this point for me." (Randy Jackson to Amber Holcomb)

"When you sing like that, you can sing 'When I Was Your Giraffe.'" (Keith Urban to Candice Glover)

"Your voice is faultless. It always is." (Keith Urban to Kree Harrison)

"You sang with your eyes. I felt you absolutely connected to that song." (Nicki Minaj to Kree Harrison)

"You always put me in the mind of a Disney Princess." (Nicki Minaj to Angie Miller)

"Up there looking like a beautiful budding red rose." (Nicki Minaj to Amber Holcomb)

"Candice is in it to win it tonight, y'all." (Randy Jackson to Candice Glover)

"I'm not going to add anything else. Ryan, come on out!" (Nicki Minaj to Ryan Seacrest after Candice's Performance)

"Your instincts are beautiful and sets you apart from everybody else." (Keith Urban to Kree Harrison)

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