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The Best Judges Quotes of the First Night of the Sudden Death Round


The first night of the sudden death round is behind us, and it was a show packed with brilliant performances and shocking surprises. Of the ten girls that performed tonight, five of them were unfortunately sent home.

Once again, our judges were in the house to dish out their signature advice.

Check out the best quotes from the first night of the sudden death round:

"I love this effortless confidence you perform with. It was easy to watch." (Keith Urban to Jenny Beth Willis)

"The thing that I loved is that you connected with the emotion of the song...This is what the next American idol is really about." (Randy Jackson to Tenna Torres)

"[She's a] little tiny thing but commands the stage the second she walks out." (Nicki Minaj to Adriana Latonio)

"It doesn't matter to me if you're smiling or not, you're just a beautiful person to me." (Mariah Carey to Brandy Hotard)

"It seems like a mash-up of Christina Aguilera and the 'Gangnam Style' guy." (Nicki Minaj to Shubha Vedula)

"I don't know a thing about you baby, but I'd like to." (Keith Urban to Kamaria Ousley)

"This is your worst performance, there was nothing redeemable about it at all...I just didn't like it." (Randy Jackson to Kamaria Ousley)

"There is a mystery about you that I can't explain. Every time you sing, you make love to the song...Something about you is so sexy when you sing." (Nicki Minaj to Kree Harrison)

"This girl is the real deal, America. She is going places." (Randy Jackson to Angela Miller)

"Your performance was a little 'old fashioned' for me." (Randy Jackson to Isabelle)

"I wanted to smack was that good." (Mariah Carey to Amber Holcomb)

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