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The Best Judges' Quotes From The Top 6 Performance Night


With the Top 6 performing twice on Wednesday night, the team of judges had more of an opportunity to critique the work of each Idol finalist. While the decision of who stays and who goes ultimately comes down to America's votes, the judges made sure their voices were here.

Here are the best judges quotes of the Top 6 Performance night.

"All I ask you to do is give me an impassioned performance." (Keith Urban to Angie Miller)

"You're still going to be around. You're still one of the greatest in this." (Randy Jackson to Angie Miller)

"Oh my gosh. What in the hell just happened right now? I am bowing down for you little girl. Yes!" (Nicki Minaj to Amber Holcomb)

"Amber has arrived!" (Randy Jackson to Amber Holcomb)

"Hey Lazzy… Let's pretend I already gave my comment because we'll be here all night until tomorrow." (Nicki Minaj to Lazaro Arbos)

"Is you have real genuine compassion for people. That's what comes through your voice." (Keith Urban to Kree Harrison)

"I feel like I see a different side of you every week." (Keith Urban to Janelle Arthur)

"When you can do that (with your voice) you were born to do this." (Nicki to Candice Glover)

"I love it for so many reasons…There's something about you at the piano, you just feel it more." (Randy Jackson to Angie Miller)

"Angie, that piano and you? You never lose." (Mariah Carey to Angie Miller)

"Yes Amber, America loves you as does this crowd." (Mariah Carey to Amber Holcomb)

"There's something there but Keith is right, it's a girls' race." (Randy Jackson to Lazaro Arbos)

"You are what we call a natural, natural singer." (Randy Jackson to Kree Harrison)

"I predict you will be a member of the Grand Ole Opry in the near future." (Keith Urban to Kree Harrison)

"Your heart is truly beautiful." (Mariah Carey to Janelle Arthur

"Let me just say on behalf of all my judges up here. One of the greatest performances in the history--12 years--of American Idol!" (Randy Jackson to Candice Glover)

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