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The Best Judges' Quotes From the Final Night of the Sudden Death Round


Sudden Death Round is over and we have a Top 20! The decision was incredibly difficult for our judges, but they understood that only five guys from the 10 performances tonight could possibly advance.

Here are the best judges quotes from the final night of the Sudden Death Round:

"I love the fact you want to entertain. I love entertainers." (Keith Urban to Mathenee Treco)

"It didn't feel current. It feel very cheesy and karaoke." (Nicki Minaj in her "British accent" to Mathenee Treco)

"Dude. Dog. Honestly, that was terrible. I mean, dog." (Randy Jackson to Gurpreet Singh Sarin)

"You better work with your old soul... I could envision a whole bunch of 50 year olds and 40 year olds throwing their panties at you...You're hitting me somewhere, baby boy with that bald head. That hit me SOME. WHERE." (Nicki Minaj to Vincent Powell)

"I do think you're very talented and I love how you're going about your career." (Mariah Carey to Nick Boddington)

"Sometimes I wish you would just cut loose." (Keith Urban to Josh Holiday)

"I actually loved that you're a singer songwriter and you wanted to showcase that." (Mariah Carey to Josh Holiday)

"Nobody's doin' quite what you're doin'." (Keith Urban to David Willis)

"The tonality of your voice was beautiful with that song...I appreciate the fact that you do have raw talent." (Mariah Carey to Bryant Tadeo)

"Right here now today, I would pay to hear you sing." (Nicki Minaj to Burnell Taylor)

"You got this spirit that burns through your vocals and I felt that tonight despite your song." (Keith Urban to Lazaro Arbos)

"I'm just going to talk about the singing if you don't mind." (Randy Jackson to Cortez Shaw)

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