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Song List: Top 6 Results Show


Last night we said goodbye to Lazaro Arbos, but not before we were treated to some amazing performances from the Top 6, the original IDOL winner, Kelly Clarkson and Season 10 winner Scotty McCreery. 

See the list below for all the songs in the Top 6 group medley and the new hits from Scotty and Kelly: 

Title: "Radioactive"
Artist Version: Imagine Dragons
Contestant: n/a

Title: "You'll Never Get to Heaven"
Artist Version: Dionne Warwick
Contestant: Janelle Arthur (Medley)

Title: "I Just Don't Know What to Do with Myself"
Artist Version: Dionne Warwick
Contestant: Angie Miller (Medley)

Title: "Always Something There to Remind Me"
Artist Version: Naked Eyes
Contestant: Kree Harrison (Medley)

Title: "This Guy's in Love with You"
Artist Version: Herb Alpert
Contestant: Lazaro Arbos (Medley)

Title: "One Less Bell to Answer"
Artist Version: The 5th Dimension
Contestant: Amber Holcomb & Candice Glover (Medley)

Title: "A House is Not a Home"
Artist Version: Dionne Warwick
Contestant: Amber Holcomb & Candice Glover (Medley)

Title: "That's What Friends are For"
Artist Version: Dionne Warwick
Contestant: All (Medley)

Title: "Water Tower Town"
Artist Version: Scotty McCreery
Contestant: n/a

Title: "See You Tonight"
Artist Version: Scotty McCreery
Contestant: n/a

Title: "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)"
Artist Version: Kelly Clarkson
Contestant: n/a

Title: "People Like Us"
Artist Version: Kelly Clarkson
Contestant: n/a

Title: "Feeling Good"
Artist Version: Michael Buble
Contestant: Lazaro Arbos

Title: "Gone, Gone, Gone"
Artist Version: Phillip Phillips
Contestant: n/a

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