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Song List: The Top 3 Revealed


It's that time of the year again! After tonight's show there is only one more week of regular episodes before the Season 12 Finale! Three major guests showed up for the night! Season 7 winner David Cook, superstar and Harry Connick, Jr. all performed their new music live on the show. 

We were forced to say goodbye to the talented and lovely Amber Holcomb, but she left the show singing Whitney Houston's "I Believe in You and Me" one more time on the IDOL stage. 

Check out all the songs from the episode below: 

Title: "Safe and Sound"
Artist Version: Capital Cities
Contestant: n/a

Title: "Crazy in Love"
Artist Version: Beyonce
Contestant: All

Title: "Light On"
Artist Version: David Cook
Contestant: n/a

Title: "We Believe"
Artist Version: David Cook
Contestant: n/a

Title: "Laying Me Low"
Artist Version: David Cook
Contestant: n/a

Title: "Bang Bang"
Artist Version:
Contestant: n/a

Title: "Every Man Should Know"
Artist Version: Harry Connick, Jr.
Contestant: n/a

Title: "Gone, Gone, Gone"
Artist Version: Phillip Phillips
Contestant: n/a

Title: "I Believe in You and Me"
Artist Version: Whitney Houston
Contestant: Amber Holcomb
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