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Song List: The Top 10 Revealed


Tonight the Season 12 Top 10 were revealed! Who would America send through?

Ryan revealed the guys first and then the girls, taking them one by one from a holding room behind the stage to reveal them to the judges and the audience. 

This year was special because the finalists all performed victory songs to mark their ascension into the Top 10. 

Check out all songs from the episode:

Title: "Almost Home" 
Artist Version: Mariah Carey
Contestant: n/a

Title: "Alone"
Artist Version: Heart
Contestant: Paul Jolley

Title: "Ready for Love"
Artist Version: India Arie
Contestant: Burnell Taylor

Title: "So High" 
Artist Version: John Legend
Contestant: Curtis Finch, Jr.

Title: "Power of One"
Artist Version: Israel Houghton
Contestant: Devin Velez

Title: "Bridge Over Troubled Water" 
Artist Version: Simon and Garfunkel
Contestant: Lazaro Arbos

Title: "Home"
Artist Version: Dierks Bentley
Contestant: Janelle Arthur

Title: "I'm Goin' Down"  
Artist Version: Mary J. Blige
Contestant: Candice Glover

Title: "I'm Every Woman"
Artist Version: Whitney Houston
Contestant: Amber Holcomb

Title: "I Was Here" 
Artist Version: Beyonce
Contestant: Angie Miller

Title: "Evidence" 
Artist Version: Susan Tedeschi
Contestant: Kree Harrison

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