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Song List: Guys' Night at Rush Week


The Top 15 guys were worked up Wednesday night all hoping they would get a shot to perform for America's vote. The judges only had room for 10 talented performers and 5 contestants were sent home at the end of the episode without a chance to perform.

Check out the lucky contestants who sang for your vote below with our song list. 
Title: "Stay With Me"
Artist Version: Faces
Contestant: Caleb Johnson

Title: "Shelter"
Artist Version: Ray LaMontagne
Contestant: CJ Harris

Title: "Best Of My Love"
Artist Version: The Emotions
Contestant: Emmanuel Zidor

Title: "I'm Going Down"
Artist Version: Mary J Blige
Contestant: Emmanuel Zidor

Title: "Bablyon"
Artist Version: David Gray
Contestant: Sam Wolfe

Title: "Grenade"
Artist Version: Bruno Mars
Contestant: George Lovett

Title: "This Ole Boy"
Artist Version: Craig Morgan
Contestant: Dexter Roberts

Title: "Volcano"
Artist Version: Damien Rice
Contestant: Alex Preston

Title: "Comin' From Where I'm From"
Artist Version: Anthony Hamilton
Contestant: Malcolm Allen

Title: "Soul Shine"
Artist Version: Allman Brothers Band
Contestant: Ben Briley

Title: "Love Don't Die"
Artist Version: The Fray
Contestant: Spencer Lloyd
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