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Say Goodbye to Curtis Finch, Jr.


Curtis sat down with press after his elimination to talk about his AMERICAN IDOL experience, what if felt like to be eliminated and his plans for the future. Find out what he had to say below.

Curtis on being sent home first: "I really feel like if I was going to get eliminated, there's no embarrassment in getting cut tenth or fifth; it really just is what it is. I mean I get a chance to tour with these guys. I get a chance to travel the world and grow as an artist with these guys and so no embarrassment, all gratefulness."

Curtis on how much he's grown since first auditioning for the show: "I feel like I've grown so much because really you have to sing for this show, be it for live recordings or dress rehearsals for the show daily, you know in and out and so I've had to be vocally prepared for that. I had to rest up at night as much as I can and I had to really prepare. And so I feel like there's so many thinks I know now that I didn't know at first, so I feel like I've overcome."

Curtis on Nicki's reaction: "It made me feel good, because really I sing from my heart and I really felt like I've touched Nicki's heart in such a way that she didn't want to see me leave."

Curtis spoke about his fans potentially boycotting the show because he left: "I really want everybody that has been supporting me to keep supporting my friends, because I'm talented, I know that, but at the same time there are nine talents that are still left that are incredibly talented. I want them to call and vote for them as well, because these guys deserve to be - every single one of them - the next AMERICAN IDOL. 

Curtis on what he wants to do with his career next: "I want to go in a love direction because I really feel like God is love so as long as I'm not singing anything provocative or anything that can offend anyone across the world, then I would be doing things that make people feel better about their day. What I love about music is that people just want to feel things a certain way, and you really don't have to be offensive to do so. 

Was Curtis surprised about his elimination: "Not at all, I' always learned to expect the worst, so that if the worst does happen, I don't look surprised, because people are always watching. People are always watching how you handle things. And so it's always my responsibility whether things work in my favor or not to remain calm and to know that I have to set the best example when eyes are one me."

Good Luck, Curtis!

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