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Pre-World Series Interview with Phillip Phillips


You asked your questions on Facebook and Twitter and he answered! Phillip is scheduled to sing the National Anthem before Game 1 of the World Series TONIGHT at 7:30 ET/ 4:30 PT on FOX! Phillip's debut album, "The World From The Side Of The Moon", is available everywhere Monday, November 19th AND for pre-order now at

Kim Belese Engle: Did you ever imagine that you would be singing the National Anthem in front of millions before??

PHILLIP: No, not in my wildest dreams did I imagine I'd be singing the National Anthem at the World Series.

Lisa Kriner Peck: Will you stay true to the words/style of our country's National Anthem, or will you take some liberties with it?

PHILLIP: I will definitely stay true to the original National Anthem.

Amanul Amin: How r u feeling be4 singing the national anthem??? Are u nervous??

PHILLIP: I am scared to death before singing the National Anthem.

McDurbinators: @AmericanIdol @Phillips What song has currently been stuck in his head?

PHILLIP: @McDurbinators The song that has been in my head the most is, "Wild Horses" by Rolling Stones.

MsEmmaAbrams123: @AmericanIdol @Phillips Where was your favorite place to visit on tour?

PHILLIP: @MsEmmaAbrams my favorite place to visit on tour was Seattle.

crestofwaves: @AmericanIdol @Phillips Favorite song of all time?

PHILLIP: @crestofwaves My favorite song of all time is probably "Back in Black" by ACDC.

Elena Menafro Colon: How has your life changed since being on AI?

PHILLIP: Since being on American Idol, my life has changed completely, but for the good.

Theresa DiGrande: Who's your favorite American Idol?

PHILLIP: My favorite American Idol is Casey Abrams.

Matt Jay Gad: What inspired your laid back style and fashion?

PHILLIP: My fashion is inspired by purely comfort.

Nicolle Clary: How is your health?

PHILLIP: My health is very good, thank you.

Jane Kline Smith: My question is how do you adjust to the sudden fame?

PHILLIP: Sudden fame is weird, and I would say that I'm still adjusting.

Mariana Ferreira: What's his favorite song in the upcoming album?

PHILLIP: I love all my songs on the album. A few I'm really excited about.

Brandy Michelle Comer: If you could choose any artist to sing with who would it be and why?

PHILLIP: I would love to sing with Alison Krauss because she has an amazing voice.
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