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New York City Song List


Now American Idol! Last night was the explosive season premiere and it is already shaping up to be the best season yet! Thousands of men and women braved the lines in New York City for their opportunity to audition for our judges.

Some were sent on to Hollywood while others, unfortunately, were sent home. Below is the list of songs performed on last night's show by our contestants.

Title: We Will Rock You

Artist Version: Queen

Contestant:Michael Buonopane

Title: See You In September

Artist Version: The Happenings

Contestant:Michael Bunopane

Title: Temperature

Artist Version: Sean Paul

Contestant:Michael Buonpane

Title: You've Got A Friend

Artist Version: Carole King

Contestant:Tenna Torres

Artist Version: Neyo

Contestant: Jessie Lawrence

Title: Oh Darling

Artist Version: The Beatles

Contestant: n/a

Title: Cupid

Artist Version: Sam Cooke

Contestant: Chris Watson

Title: One Less Lonely Girl

Artist Version: Justin Beiber

Contestant:James Bae

Title: Summertime

Artist Version: Ella Fitzgerlad

Contestant: Isabelle

Title: I'm Yours

Artist Version: Jason Mraz

Contestant: Evan Ruggiero

Title: Wanted Dead Or Alive

Artist Version: Bon Jovi

Contestant:Evan Ruggiero

Title: Call Me Maybe

Artist Version: Carley Rae Jepson

Contestant: Jessica Kartalis

Title: Original Song

Artist Version: Jessica Kartalis

Contestant:Jessica Kartalis

Title: Valerie

Artist Version: Amy Winehouse

Contestant:Shira Gavrielov

Title: Sweet Dreams

Artist Version: The Eurythmics

Contestant:Frankie Ford

Title: I'll Make Love To You

Artist Version: Boyz II Men

Contestant: Benjamin Gaisey

Title: Everytime I Close My Eyes

Artist Version: Babyface

Contestant:Benjamin Gaisey

Title: Let Me Love You

Artist Version: Mario

Contestant:Benjamin Gaisey

Title: To Know Him Is To Love Him

Artist Version: Amy Winehouse

Contestant:Rozanna Shindleman

Title: Hero

Artist Version: Mariah Carey

Contestant: Lorena Cardenas

Title: Wait For You

Artist Version: Elliott Yamin

Contestant: Linda Hurst

Title: Sugar We're Going Down

Artist Version: Fall Out Boy

Contestant: Jarrett Lee

Title: Mama's Song

Artist Version: Carrie Underwood

Contestant:Sarah Restuccio

Title: Super Bass

Artist Version: Nicki Minaj

Contestant:Sarah Restuccio

Title: The Phantom Of The Opera

Artist Version: Andrew Lloyd Webber

Contestant:Albert Chang

Title: Grenade

Artist Version: Bruno Mars

Contestant: n/a

Title: Every Time You Lie

Artist Version: Demi Lovato

Contestant: n/a

Title: Mamma Knows Best

Artist Version: Jessie J

Contestant: Angela Miller

Title: We Are The Champions

Artist Version: Queen

Contestant:Brett Holt

Title: When I Fall In Love

Artist Version: Nat King Cole

Contestant:Brett Holt

Title: Sunday Morning

Artist Version: Maroon 5

Contestant:Gurpreet Singh Sarin

Title: Put Your Records On

Artist Version: Corine Bailey Rae

Contestant:Ashlee Feliciano

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