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Lee DeWyze's "Blackbird Song" Debuts on The Walking Dead


Season 9 champion Lee DeWyze has been making major musical waves in the past year. In August he released his sophomore album Frames to critical success and on Sunday his original song, “Blackbird Song” bookended the latest The Walking Dead episode.

Lee is a huge fan of The Walking Dead and wrote “Blackbird Song” after watching an episode. “One day I was watching the show and I was truly inspired.” Saying that the show put him in a “somber mood,” Lee took lines and images from what was happening on screen that really spoke to him.

When asked whose idea it was to reach out to the show, Lee DeWyze admitted, “It was mine.” After playing the song for his manager, Brett Radin, the two worked out a plan to connect with the show's producers.

Lee thought the level of integration the song received in the show was “really cool” saying that “it felt like it belonged there.” The haunting tune really connected the audience emotionally with Bob Stookey's character and let's you into his world.

Also in the works for Lee is the upcoming music video for his single, “Fight.” Although Lee couldn't divulge exactly when the music video would be available, he promised it would be “very soon.” What's the music video like? “I've really never seen anything like it,” said Lee. He and director Andrew Golden created the entirety of their "passion project" from start to finish. In the end, Lee said he was surprised at the amazing outcome. Be sure to check out the music video when it's available!

In the next couple of days Lee is heading out on tour. He'll be hitting a lot of cities in the Northeast. Find out where you can see Lee perform live at his website Also check Lee out on Twitter @LeeDeWyze and on Facebook at
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