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Get Caught Up with Anthony Fedorov!


Season 4's fourth place finalist Anthony Fedorov is making major musical waves this year. Anthony and his fiancee, actress Jennifer Paz, have teamed up together to create the label Auraganix Music which just released two singles and has an EP planned for the Fall. Anthony is also just about to end his run as Enjolras in the critically acclaimed production of Les Miserables at the La Mirada Playhouse, and has teamed up with Grammy Award winning writer Bill Grainer to create some amazing music.

Anthony just released two family friendly singles, "Shine" and "I Poop." Both of the songs were inspired by Jennifer and Anthony's journey into parenthood and were co-produced by Anthony's pal and Season 4 runner-up, Bo Bice! The songs were put out under Anthony and Jennifer's new label Auraganix Music and Auraganix Kids. 

Anthony, who co-wrote "Shine" with Grammy Award winning writer Bill Grainer, says "Shine" was inspired by the feeling that the "biggest thing you want as a parent, for your child, is for them to shine." Check out the music video for shine below which was created by sand artist Joe Castillo. Download "Shine" here.

"I Poop" was a song Anthony wrote to help kids with potty training and take the fear out the whole process for toddlers. The point is to "make pooping cool," says Anthony.  Anthony and Jennifer have teamed up with producer Nicole Slamer-Higdon to shoot the official "I Poop" video which is scheduled for release in the next few days. Check the Auraganix website for the release. Download the track on iTunes here.

In addition to these two latest singles, Anthony is releasing the EP Every Little Thing this fall which was also co-produced by Bo Bice. The EP features adult contemporary/pop songs which celebrate parenthood. Anthony co-wrote most of the songs with Bill Grainer and Jeff Vincent and the arrangements were done by Matt Garwood.

"I didn't start out as a writer," said Anthony, "but it's developed over the years." Anthony's success isn't limited to his own endeavors, however. He and writing partner Bill Grainer have two songs that will be released on Jai McDowell's, the winner of Britain's Got Talent in 2011, upcoming album. Their song "I Begin Again" was even chosen as one of Jai's single and is available for pre-order now here

Anthony's got all his fingers in the musical honey pot and is even just now ending a run as Enjolras in a critically acclaimed production of Les Miserables at the La Mirada Theatre. Although the show closes June 22nd, expect musical theatre to forever be a part of Anthony's life. Although he "never saw himself going into live theatre," he got the bug when he did his first production of The Fantastics Off-Broadway. He even met his fiancee Jennifer Paz during a production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat

You can keep up with everything that Anthony and Jennifer are up to at and You can also keep up with Anthony on his facebook page at
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