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Chronicle Your Entire IDOL™ Journey


Are you auditioning for AMERICAN IDOL XIII? If so we want you to chronicle all parts of your IDOL™ journey!

What does it mean to chronicle your IDOL™ journey? We want you to take photos and shoot videos of your journey through the audition process. No photos or videos are allowed during the actual audition. If using video, always shoot yourself horizontally and not vertically. 

Show us your life leading up to auditions. What did you do in the morning? How did you prepare? How did you get to auditions and who did you bring with you? It's a good idea to shoot confessional style videos to tell your fans your thoughts and feelings. We want to see all parts of your life.

Share your photos and videos on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Vine and always use #IdolJourney. Even if you don't make it, your videos and photos might. Share! Share! Share! #IdolJourney.

Remember if you make it through to Hollywood, the RESULTS OF YOUR AUDITION MUST BE KEPT CONFIDENTIAL until after your audition city episode has aired. Encourage your family and friends to be a part of the IDOL™ process by posting with the tag #BeAPartOfIt. 

Check out our list of tips at the bottom of this article for some good ideas on how you can immortalize your IDOL™ journey.

Good Luck, Everyone!

Shoot first person: If you've ever watched those people on YouTube who have millions of followers, what's the common thread? They're all speaking directly to the camera as if talking to a friend. That's what you should do here. It's OK to turn the camera away, but remember, they're watching because of you, not where you are. You should keep it diary style.

Start at home: Document your journey starting with leaving home. Here are some ideas:

Saying goodbye to friends and family. Talk about what its like to say goodbye and leave on this adventure.

What are you packing? Good luck charms, stuffed animals? Show it and talk about it.

What kinds of emotions are you feeling? What kind of anticipation are you feeling, not knowing which judge you are getting?

How are you getting to the airport? Take us along for the ride. 

Let people talk to you. Try not to interrupt people. 

Keep a steady hand. Hold your shot for at least five seconds. 

After arriving: When you have an opportunity after arriving, record a confessional-style video in which you tell the fans your reaction to being on site. 

Performance nerves: In the hours leading up to your audition, record a confessional-style video about what you are feeling in the moments leading up to your performance. 

Post Result: OK, so this one may leave a lump in your throat, but you should make a confessional video after the results have been revealed regardless of whether you've made it to the next round or not. Just remember, even if you leave the show, you still have a fan-base and you never know what will come next!

Hold the camera HORIZONTALLY. Don't rotate the camera. If you rotate the camera, we cannot use the footage. 

Get the names and phone numbers of anyone you shoot.

Stay away from corporate logos.

Keep videos short, find a well lit area and HAVE FUN!
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