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Chicago Song List


Tonight the Season 12 Premiere continued in the city of Chicago.Talented auditioners from the Windy City showed up to blow the socks of our judges. 

There were many success stories that came out of Chicago and a few disappointments.  Check out the list of songs performed on last night's show: 

Title: Whenever You Come Around

Artist Version: Vince Gill

Contestant: MacKenzie Wasner

Title: Fantasy

Artist Version: Mariah Carey

Contestant: n/a

Title: The Prayer

Artist Version: Celine Dion 

Contestant: Kiara Lanier 

Title: Dream A Little Dream Of Me

Artist Version: The Mamas and the Papas

Contestant: Stephanie Schimel

Title: Downtown

Artist Version: Petula Clark

Contestant:Melissa Bush

Title: Gimme Shelter

Artist Version: The Rolling Stones

Contestant:Gabe Brown

Title: We All Die Young

Artist Version: Steel Dragon

Contestant: Gabe Brown

Title: One Week

Artist Version: Barenaked Ladies

Contestant: Kevin Nabity

Title: Come Sail Away

Artist Version: Styx

Contestant: n/a

Title: Washed By The Water

Artist Version: Needtobreathe

Contestant: Griffin Peterson

Title: God Is Able

Artist Version: Smokie Norful

Contestant: Curtis Finch, Jr. 

Title: Let It Be

Artist Version: The Beatles

Contestant: Mariah Pultice

Title: Your Cheating Heart

Artist Version: Hank Williams

Contestant: Brandy Neelly

Title: Back At One

Artist Version: Brian McKnight

Contestant: Josh Holiday

Title: Who's Loving You

Artist Version: Jackson 5

Contestant: Courtney Williams

Title: Knock On Wood

Artist Version: Eddie Floyd

Contestant: Andrew Jones

Title: Superstar

Artist Version: Luther Vandross

Contestant: Clifton Duffin

Title: Thank You

Artist Version: Ashanti

Contestant: Ieisha Cotton

Title: Try A Little Tenderness

Artist Version: Otis Redding

Contestant: Johnny Keyser

Title: Nasty

Artist Version: Janet Jackson

Contestant:Johnny Keyser

Title: I've Got No Strings

Artist Version: Pinocchio

Contestant:Kez Ban Sauerbier

Title: Azure Sky

Artist Version: Original Song

Contestant: Kez Ban Sauerbier

Title: You Are So Beautiful

Artist Version: Joe Cocker

Contestant: Arthur Frierson

Title: And I Am Telling You

Artist Version: Jennifer Holliday

Contestant: Joseph Smith

Title: Grenade

Artist Version: Bruno Mars

Contestant: Josie Siragusa

Title: Mama Knows Best

Artist Version: Jessie J

Contestant:Ashley Curry

Title: Bridge Over Troubled Water

Artist Version: Simon & Garfunkel

Contestant:Lazaro Arbos

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