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Catching Up with Brooke White


Yesterday Season 7's 5th place finalist, Brooke White took a moment out of her busy schedule to talk about her recently released album, White Christmas. When asked why she decided to release a holiday album Brooke replied, "We were that weird family that always listened to Christmas music and so you know after all the records that I've recorded ... I just felt like it was time."

Brooke told us about her favorite song on the album. "You always go through phases with records where one minute you really love a certain song and then later on down the road one starts to grow on you. I really love "Last Christmas" which originally wasn't in my plans to record. The song's been recorded so many times and I just thought it's been overdone, but I still loved it so much I just thought, ah I'm just going to do it anyway."

The song is a special one for Brooke and her daughter London. She explains, "I actually really love how it turned out. It's just one of those fun songs that we crank up when we dance in the living room, me and my Londyloo."

Get your copy of White Christmas in time for the holidays!

Brooke's daughter London is now almost seven months old and Brooks says she's changed everything. "It definitely has given me a different perspective on life and priorities. Music has always been on the forefront and it's been interesting to juggle the two. I always said I wanted to be an M and M: A mom and a musician. Now that's happening and I'm learning how to do both things.

Brooke has been and continues to be a very prolific artist. She has put out five albums since her time on American Idol, starred in a movie and created the web series, The Girls with Glasses. "Some days are really tricky, I think how am I going to keep doing all this, but really I'm a creative person and that's how I survive. It's the only way I know how to be. I drop the ball occasionally when I'm juggling. So, I just do the best that I can. I think the secret is I just have really great collaborators. Having great collaborators and working with a great team, it's all about the people you surround yourself with. And I have a really great husband you know, he's just really supportive and helps a lot with the baby.

Brooke let us in on her plans for the first of the year. "In the new year I'm really going to be focused on The Girls with Glasses show. We have some amazing opportunities in the new year. So we're going to put that on the front burner for a couple months and were going to work on some new series with it."

The Girls with Glasses even have a theme song!  Check out the song, "I Am A Girl" at "I think we really nailed it with that song. It really encompasses what The Girls with Glasses is."

Brooke is keeping silent on some of her plans for 2013, but insists that "2013 is going to be a year of really quality songwriting."

Brook had a message to her fans. "Thank you for sticking around with me. Especially American Idol fans, you know it's almost been five years now and a lot has happened. I've released five records since Idol. I've been able to do a movie, had a baby, started a web series. Thank you so much. I'm still here, I'm still going and excited about the new year.

You can keep up with Brooke and all her projects at her blog: Follow Brooke on Instagram @realbrookewhite, on Twitter @brookewhite, and at

Photo Credit: Dawn Dicarlo
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