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Catching Up with Adam Brock


Season 11 semi-finalist Adam Brock recently released his first effort since American Idol, an EP entitled Christmas. The EP includes his first ever original song, "I Don't Want To Miss You". We hopped on the phone with Adam to find out more and he shared some his thoughts on his new CD, his time on Idol and what he is looking forward to in the future.

Adam talked about what inspired Christmas. "I really wanted to get something out there in 2012. I'm just a Christmas addict, and I thought well it would be smarter to do an EP. So went with a 5 song EP and put it out there."

Adam Brock's Christmas includes the original song, "I Don't Want To Miss You". Adam expressed what it was like to write his first song. "I am glad people are liking it. It was pretty scary to put that out there never having really written before."

Adam told us about what inspired "I Don't Want To Miss You". "I got thinking about the sides of Christmas. Yes there is a lot of joy, but  for a lot of people Christmas can be such a painful time. I was looking at my wife and my daughter and I just had a vision moment thinking if we were to ever separate or if I wasn't a part of my family's life you know how tough that would be. There are so many people in that circumstance and what does that feel like? I think it is a feeling everyone can relate to."

It was important to Adam for this EP to show fans his musical style. "I like to do stuff different with the music and I wanted to show people that there's really five different sides of my voice. I have a very eclectic style."

Adam hit the ground running after his time on American Idol and he let us in on a few of his immediate plans. "Right now I'm actually working with Kimberley Locke. Kimberley is kind of my new advisor. We've talked full-length album and we've talked you know another EP that's not Christmas."

One of Adam's biggest plans is to make the most of the exposure his time on American Idol gave him. "It was a great experience, but obviously it's not the end of any road. It should just be the beginning. It should just be a catalyst point. I really have been trying to figure out how do I take the experience that I had on Idol and continue on with my music career because obviously if the judges and people saw something in me then I need to continue on with that no matter what."

Something Adam's fans can really get excited about is the release of one of the iconic songs he performed while on Idol. "Sometime later on this winter, probably later January, I'm releasing "Georgia On My Mind" as a single. We're almost done with it in the studio."

Adam still keeps in contact with many of his fellow contestants from his days on American Idol. "A lot of us talk. Nobody gets to talk as regularly as before because everybody is off doing all sorts of stuff. I always talk to Phillip and usually try and talk to Colton. Erika and I talk multiple times a week because I think we bonded the closest. We all keep in touch."

Adam sends a heartfelt message to his fans. "Really support the musicians you make a connection with and keep your eyes open because there is going to be a lot more coming from me."

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