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Blake Lewis Releases New Single Tonight!


Tonight at midnight Season 6 runner-up Blake Lewis releases the first single of his upcoming third album, "Portrait of a Chameleon." We got a chance to chat with the multi-talented artist on his new record deal, the single and his upcoming album.  

"I was planning on releasing this album as an independent artist," Blake confided. The album's first single, "Your Touch," was originally composed for a commercial. Blake loved the song so much he spent a month adapting the song for his record. "I didn't know it was going to be a single at the time," he said. Blake went on to say that "The commercial is completely different from the song." 

After sending the song to his manager, they both agreed to approach Republic Records: "My manager and I thought it would be a good idea to send the song to Avery at Republic and he flipped out. The relationship from that point on grew and grew and grew until I signed on Thanksgiving."

Portrait of a Chameleon  is completely representative of the artist's style: "The new album is me. It's a really amazing project and it's just hand-crafted, every single sound, every synth." Blake returned to his beat-boxing roots and the new album is filled with signature sounds. "It's really a sound-scape," according to Blake. He went on to explain how Portrait of a Chameleon is different from his previous albums: "This album is more positive, it's more uplifting. It's epic. It's the biggest album I've ever made."

The album isn't the only thing Blake will be releasing this year. While recording the album he also recorded a library of all the original sounds used to create the album. Blake says the idea is for other artists to get inspired and use his beat-boxing as a "stepping stone" to make their own music. 

Blake had one last message for his fans: "I hope it inspires people to make noise and know that they can do it themselves. I pour my heart out onto a record. I hope they like it. I hope they want to take the journey with me. Hopefully they allow me to do that again. It's all about my fans. The response has been so overwhelmingly positive for the song. It makes me want to be better every time I do something."

"Your Touch" is available via iTunes and all digital retailers on March 5.

Congratulations, Blake!

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