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An Intimate Interview with James Durbin


Season 10's rocker, James Durbin, released a new single, “Parachute,” last week and has a sophomore album on the horizon. We hopped on the phone with James to find out the inspiration behind the new single, what we can expect on the new album, and his IDOL™ XIII thoughts.

The name of the single James released on Friday is “Parachute.” The fourth place Idol finalist shares, “When my producer asked me what I thought of the song I said, ‘Dude. This is awesome. Let me finish it with you.' We went through different lyrics and verses. We hammered it down to find the right way to convey emotions, yet keep it vulnerable enough that anyone can find something to latch on to. It took a lot of work, but the entire process was fun.”

James has a new found appreciation of his opportunities in the music industry. “When I came off IDOL™, I went where I thought I needed to go. That caused me to be kind of angry and selfish and not very humble. I'm only 24, and I thought to myself, ‘What do I have to be angry about?' I got to perform in front of millions on the biggest TV show in history and I got to do an arena tour. I got to make my own album, and now I've got the chance to make a second album. Now I'm only seeing the good in things, and I count all my blessings.”

Today, James revealed the album cover for CELEBRATE. See it, here. James explains the inspiration behind the album title: “I really owe it to Ted Bruner. We wrote several songs, including “Celebrate,” together. We'd sit in his studio in Venice Beach for hours and talk about existence and the universe and how everything works. We'd walk around Venice and find inspiration in the oddest places. Ted was messing around wearing his new top hat and an alien mask and just started singing ‘Celebrate' and it stuck.”

On the day that “Parachute” streamed exclusively on, Chris Daughtry sent a nice tweet saying he loved the song. James revealed, “At the same time I was working on my new record with my producer, Scott Stevens, he was writing with Chris Daughtry. Daughtry heard the song early on and was like, ‘That's awesome. Who is it?' His tweet means the world to me because Chris is such an amazing artist, songwriter, and performer. He's such a role model to me – as someone who came out of IDOL™ and seems just as humble as the day he stepped on TV.” Since this interview, Chris and James hung out at the American Music Awards. See their funny photo.

James is stoked about the American Idol® XIII season and judges. “I would love to come back and play “Parachute” on IDOL™ this season and show everyone how much I've grown. It would mean even more with Jennifer Lopez being there because she was a judge that actually put me through and believed in me. I was watching last season and Harry Connick Jr.'s critiques were so great. He knows so much about music and is so incredibly smart and talented. And Keith – I just want to sit there and listen to him sing and watch him. He's amazing. I've been a Keith Urban fan for years.”

“My first album was more for me, and I think this album is much more for my fans. “ James says. “I love my fans and I am so completely thankful and grateful for each and every one. Thanks to them for voting for me and believing in me. Because of them, I get to be here.”

Learn more about “Parachute.”
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