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Nick Fradiani

  • Q&A
    You’ve seen and heard Nick plenty, but now’s your chance to really get to know him. Read all about Nick's favorite songs, inspirations, and of course: why he should be the next American Idol.
  • Our Top 5 have high expectations for this year's tour, and for good reason! Want to hear them live? Head to for more information!

  • We let the Top 6 out of Idol HQ for an afternoon with Snapchat superstar Shaun McBride. The animated adventure they had...well, see for yourself.

  • Here we are, Idol Nation -- your Top 4 about to become the finale-ready Top 3, and take one step closer to the Idol XIV crown. Who's it gonna be?

  • After a night of great music and heartfelt goodbyes, there's just one thing left to do: get the Idol Team's take on what went down.

  • Hometowns_17.png

    There's just over a week to go, everyone. Idol XIV very nearly has its winner. And in a recklessly talented Top 4 that's produced standout moment after standout moment, that winner could be Nick...

  • Hometowns_13.png

    Fradianis': When you're here, you're family.

  • Hometowns_12.png

    Like everyone, Nick had a lot on his plate this weekend. But when that backboard calls out your name, man, you grab your buddies and hit the court. And one here, presumably.

  • Hometowns_11.png

    More than anything, hometown weekend offered a chance for the Top 4 to reconnect with people and places they hadn't seen in a while. (Plus, how often do you get to address your old school LIKE A BOSS?)

  • Hometowns_6.png

    Meanwhile Guilford, CT, not to be outdone, went ahead and printed a bunch of "Let's Go Nick" signs. It's not a competition! (Wait...)
  • Hometowns_3.png

    Sometimes a sign says it better than anything else could. You can see that Nick Fradiani is simultaneously impressed and concerned for the people of Guilford, Connecticut.
  • NASCAR_11.png

    After spending all day racing for their respective sponsors at speeds of close to 200 mph, the Idols made their way to the clubhouse to unwind for a bit. But only a bit -- on Wednesday they'll be back on stage for 80s NIGHT. Don't miss it!
  • NASCAR_10.png

    No, there are no t-shirt cannons to accompany them. But the Top 11 don't need them. Their voices are the t-shirt cannons.
  • NASCAR_9.png

    Clark, Rayvon, Daniel, and Nick Fradiani take their final steps toward the podium to sing the National Anthem. Nick's casual stride says "I've been ready," while his eyes say "this one goes out to you."
  • NASCAR_1.png

    The Idols hang on the Auto Club Speedway track, which is never the best place to yell "start your engines".
  • We close the books on Season XIV with some final thoughts from Ryan, Harry and Keith on newly crowned winner Nick Fradiani. What's next for Nick now that his Idol journey has ended? He and mentor Scott Borchetta share some secrets!

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