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The Top 4 wouldn't still be chilling in the Idol lounge if they hadn't learned to center themselves. How? Watch and learn here...

We're just over a week away from the Season XIV finale. Just four Idols remain. This can mean only one thing: it must be Hometown Week!

Hometown tours gave the Idols some much needed R&R, but also the chance to connect with fans like you. Take a look back at four exhaustive, awesome weekends!

Home is where the heart is! Follow the #IdolTop4 to see what they're up to in their hometowns! #JaxIsHome #RayvonIsHome #ClarkIsHome #NickIsHome


"They're going home as champions this week," says Scott Borchetta. "None of them want to go back as losers." We think *loser* might be a bit harsh, but Scott's right -- competition has just reached fever pitch.

They're all INCREDIBLE, but only ONE can win. Who will it be? Cast your votes at!


As if a sweet field trip to Nashville wasn't enough, Scott had a huge surprise for the Top 5 when they hit Big Machine studios. Steven Tyler! The former Idol judge (and, you know, HALL OF FAME ROCKER) had a lot to share.

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