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Watch as our Top 5 reflect on their incredible Idol journeys. Think you have what it takes? Come see us for Season XV Auditions this summer!

Help us pay tribute to the past 14 seasons by sharing your memories of American Idol! Share your favorite #IdolMoments with us on social media and check out what other fans are saying here!
We've taken our share of fun quizzes - from testing our Kelly knowledge, to learning about Motown. But today comes the greatest assessment of all: are you a Keith, a Jen, a Harry, a Scott, or a Ryan? You may be shocked by what you find...
AMERICAN IDOL® LIVE! returns this summer with an unprecedented 14th consecutive national tour. Buy your tickets to see the Top 5 this summer now!

Wait, they're PERFORMERS too? (Kidding) Before they cemented their judging trifecta on Idol XIII, Jen, Keith, and Harry were massive stars in their own right. And while they love judging -- so much so that they'll all be back for Idol...

We close the books on Season XIV with some final thoughts from Ryan, Harry and Keith on newly crowned winner Nick Fradiani. What's next for Nick now that his Idol journey has ended? He and mentor Scott Borchetta share some secrets!

And just like that, Idol XIV came to its star-studded, emotional, confetti-filled conclusion. Not ready to let go just yet? Neither are we, which is why we prepared this video playlist.

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