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Sneak Peek at #IdolsLiveTour shoot! Double tap if you already have your tix!

Wednesday night, the Top 5 deliver 10 performances inspired by the judges' hometowns (and their own hearts). But RIGHT NOW we can offer an audio sneak peek with some great tracks, available on iTunes.

The Top Five have collected probably hundreds of memories this season. But for each of them, one moment stands out above the rest. Find out what they are here.


Last night may not have been the season finale, but it offered an exciting outcome: the revelation of the Top 5, aka your Idol Tour 2015. More details at

Submit your fan art via the American Idol Tumblr! Our #IdolTop5 will autograph their faves and we'll repost them! Ready? Set? CREATE! #IdolFanArt

Strip the lights, kill the fog machine, back the trusses off the stage. We're trading that extravagant arena feel for something a lot more intimate this week.

Double tap if you LOVE seeing those #idol chairs turn green!


We asked our Top 5 what their perfect stage show -- designed with complete creative and financial freedom -- would look like. They told us. And then we drew them. (NOTE: Actual Idol Tour stages subject to change.)

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