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Remember when Daniel first rattled off the list of instruments he plays to an understandably impressed Harry? Or wowed us with "I'm Yours" in Detroit? It may be the end of Idol XIV for Daniel, but we hardly think it's the...

Idol love! Good to be home! #americanidol

If you love Kelly Clarkson, you’re going to LOSE YOUR MIND over the performances we have collected here — all drawn from songs spanning the breadth of Kelly’s career.

You want a way to connect more directly with Idol XIV? You got it. Tomorrow's episode will make history with the first-ever IDOL FAN SAVE! It's your chance to save one of the bottom two finalists and keep them around for at least another week....

A few weeks ago, Harry Connick Jr. donned a little black t-shirt with a big message. "You're Talented" generated conversation on and off the show, where it netted over $2000 for the Ellis Marsalis Center for Music. That's the power of 100%...

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