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It's safe to say we are IN IT, Idol Nation, as Season XIV really kicks it into voting gear this week -- and straight thru to the crowning of a new music sensation. What makes a star a star? You tell us.


You’ve sat through each of the last seven weeks of Idol episodes with your hand on your phone or laptop, wondering if tonight was the night when you could chime in and vote. We’re here to tell you that now, finally — your time has come.

You already know plenty about Aretha Franklin even if you don't know much about Aretha Franklin. Classic songs from "Respect" to "Think" to "(You Make Me Feel Like) A Natural Woman" and well beyond are the sort of indelible work that no...

You've seen some amazing, fresh performances out of the Fillmore Detroit. What you haven't seen is the rocksteady work of Brian and Rickey, two behind-the-scenes all-stars shaping so much of these singers' growth.

No better way to end #idol rehearsals than to snag a photo with the Queen herself! Who's excited to watch Aretha perform TOMORROW night at 8/7c?

We're back at the Fillmore Detroit this week to find out which singers are continuing on this season but as we wait for the dramatic upheaval to come it seemed like the right time to pause and ask: what's so special about this particular venue?...

We’ll forgo any references to Eminem or mom’s spaghetti to tell you that you can find all the dude-rich performances from our first night in Detroit RIGHT HERE (and always).
You already know about some of the Motown greats to emerge from Motor City. Add to that list Eminem, Madonna, and others -- all highlighted over at Check it out!

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