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September 4th, 2002, is a date etched in Idol history: the coronation of Kelly Clarkson, our first-ever winner. Watch the moment again. The fashion has changed, but the impact stays the same.

This week's episode may be focused on our first superstar, Kelly Clarkson, but the world of Idol's got a dozen other entertainers in its ranks including Season 13 winner Caleb Johnson, who's got a lot of cool stuff on his dance card right now.


In the first video from the Idol XIII winner's debut album, 'Testify', a hospitalized boy is given the chance to watch his dreams take flight. It's a powerful story to accompany an already powerful song, and Caleb gave us a...

Snap a screenshot matching your fave contestant to the mic, then post it using #IdolPerfectMatch! Ready? Set? GO!


Quick! What’s the first name you think of when you hear the phrase "American Idol”? Is it Kelly Clarkson? It's probably Kelly Clarkson. Not that you're somehow wrong if you thought of anyone else, each one of whom we love like family members....

@RyanSeacrest is the host with the most & he's been nominated for a Reality TV Award! <3 him? VOTE for him at!

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