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Not every American Idol dream is born in America. Rocky was in Nigeria, scrounging for food with his family after the abandonment of his father. But music instilled hope. “Music was always there for me. It doesn’t have to be given to you. You...


Singer. Songwriter. Actress. Dancer. Producer. Designer. It’s that multi-faceted perspective that Jen lends to each and every critique. Harry: “She knows what it takes to be a superstar.”

So Good
You might remember Adam for the way he passed his audition with a broken hand, or for his musical lineage (dude’s uncle is Carlos Santana). Jimmy Fallon remembers Adam for a different reason: because they look eerily alike. Watch the comparison here!

We could go on for days about how cute he is; Idol auditioners frequently do! More than anything, Keith is a beacon of authenticity in a business that could always use a little more. Says Jen: “he’s all heart…all passion about music.”

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